“Arrangement of Circumstances Relationships & Other Dilemmas”

Jesse Whittle
Acrylic Abstracts & Oil Pastel figure drawings New Work

Stacks of vibrant colorful brushwork, sgraffito, & charcoal mark making make up this expressive new abstract work. He sees objects from the everyday: thrift store treasures, clutter, objects on the curb. These become abstractions that stack, overlap, and lean
parrelleling Jesse’s own effort to express his emotions.

Jesse’s small oil pastels are engaging, endearing, soulful, silly, and……. you’ll want a handful of these small delightful pieces! Expressions, postures, and glimpses of faces that tell a human story. Special colorful magnet mounted metal stands allow collectors to pick a background from 4 colors.

Show opens Friday Sept 1st 5-8
Open Studio Sat Sept 2nd 11-5
Open Studio Sun Sept 3rd 1-4

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