Playing the Color Wheel

Friday, August 5, 2016 to Thursday, August 25, 2016
by Rebecca Joskey

Artist’s statement

As an artist I work to give myself and the viewer a joyful reaction to a piece.

I want you to catch your breath at colors

I want you to feel intrigued with line and texture

I want you to get a sense of order and space.

My process involves a gallimaufry of materials and colors and different supports, such as the “Ram Board” used in several of these pieces. For some of the work shown here, I learned to make the panels with a miter saw.


Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat!

Just like Elle Woods in the movie. ‘Legally Blonde’, Rebecca has a fashion merchandising degree. (OSU ’75) and has studied at Parson’s School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology in the 1980’s NYC campuses. She has spent 40 yrs in merchandising.

Born in 1953 in Tulsa, this baby boomer is looking forward to the expansion of URBAN ART LAB working studios and gallery January 2017. UAL has been “incubating” at Urban Furnishings, owned by Joskey for 24 yrs and from which she is retiring at the end of this year.

Living Arts is her first solo show.

The Art Practice: 20 hours a week for 20 years, Mosaic artist for 22 yrs. Acrylic painter and collage artist for 6 yrs

Group Shows: AHHA. TAC, 108 Contemporary, MA Doran, Urban Art Lab Studios, OK equality Center, Mayfest

Rebecca Joskey is an emerging painter with 10 yrs working experience as a mosaic artist and 4 yrs as an almost daily painter. Abstract expressionism has been her focus with geometric images and bold color combinations. However, her figurative work is starting to develop and has been well received at recent showings. The mood is modern and the marks are quirky and feature stokes with palette “knives” of her own design from recycleables.

Her “paper mosaics” (shown at 108 Contemporary member show) are made from techniques from both painting and the craft of mosaic art. This collage style of art combines underpaintings on canvas with applied painted papers to create rich tapestry like abstract pieces. (See UAL workshop schedule)

Urban Art Lab Studios is a planned “encore career” project of Joskey’s that mixes her love for mentoring, business, art, design, and painting! This baby boomer is committed to an art practice as well as creating a low cost space for young artists/designers. Her work has been shown & sold at M A Doran Gallery, MOREcolor Gallery, Mayfest Gallery, TAC, 108 Contemporary, Living Arts, and of course at Urban Furnishings which she has owned for 23 yrs.

Living Arts

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